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When I was young, I knew I wanted to work with people but had no clue as to the capacity. The trying childhood I grew up in left little room for imagination so I went in the direction of my very first job and landed in hospitality. This ended up being a brilliant move as it helped shift me from a quiet wallflower into quite a confident and social woman. This confidence took me through a handful of career changes, all still working with people, all adding to my understanding of and compassion for fellow humans. 

Over the years I developed quite the reputation as the person you'd go to for advice, or a massage. I did have quite the reputation for some toxic habits, too, as I was still carrying around a lot of baggage from childhood. In 2009 I had a 'break',  finally confronted my short comings and it's been an epic road of healing since. My healing journey opened my eyes to a deeper and much more authentic path of working with people. 

Upon stumbling into the realm of Life Coaching, I fell in love. It was my first experience with an avenue of 'self help' that didn't treat the person as if they were broken or tell you what to do. It was literally just about connecting the person back into themselves. I received a scholarship for an amazing program in 2010 and dove right in.

In 2011, fascinated by the bodymind connection as a critical tool for connecting with oneself, I built on my coaching education with an amazing holistic bodywork program and have been leveling up with continuing education ever since. The connections I've been able to make within the various modalities of wellness in my healing tool box are immense!

One of my fav spiritual teachers, Matt Kahn, has a brilliant saying:

You can only meet others as deeply as you've met yourself. 

Over the years I have met and re-met myself over and over and over again. Every training, an intensive group therapy, peeling back layers and unveiling the part of me put on this planet to truly help others. 


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